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Wow. I have an art website. AND a blog.

Lucy Thomas Bonetti

If somone had told me just a couple years ago I would on have my own website where I could sell my artwork and get to post my (mildly) entertaining thoughts on art and other necessities of life, well I would have thought that someone would be coming soon to measure me for my white padded room. Yet here I am, posting art and typing away.

Proof. Anything is possible as long as you are crazy enough to try it.

I have been making art for a very long time, indeed the vast majority of my life, but never really had the courage to try and sell my wares in earnest. I did a craft show here and there, sold earrings to the choir at church, that sort of thing. And everybody always got homemade Christmas presents which most of the time the recipient actually liked. No crochets toilet paper cozies here!

See I am one of those who never thought their work was really good enough to compete. I also was always more than a little afraid that if I became a full time artist that I would starve...which of course still might happen....not that I couldn't afford to lose a few pounds...I digress. I also had the tendency to let myself get bogged down in "everyday life." I bet most of you know that there are times when just doing the regular daily tasks can seem like moving mountains.

I had always put my creative pursuits into the "hobby" basket and worked at a job outside the creative world. It was hard to find any quality time to be creative and I considered many times just letting it go. 

Then, as if a miracle from above, at 47 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. Yep. How much better could things get? I mean there are needles involved. But actually, after a period of time, "things"  got a lot better. Reference the above Title.

It took me a few weeks to recover from that diagnosis. After all, who does that happen to really? Getting Type 1 at my age? But when I came to and picked myself up off the proverbial floor,  I realized I better get off my duff. The universe was screaming at me to use the freaking gifts I had been given! Time is of the essence! I think in many circles that is called the Revelation of Middle Age.

So here we are. I really can call myself an Artist. I make art and people really do like it. AND, my new dear, art lovin friend, you are reading my blog. Something else  I must tell you is that knawing, self doubting yukiness that lived inside of me is pretty much gone. I can only guess that you can become satisfied with life once you are more satisfied with yourself. No one else, no matter how cute he may be, can do that for you.

Who knew?

My guess is there are a lot of other creative people out there like me who will one day soon get over what is holding them back and begin to explore their creative side. Maybe even start their own website. But until then, why don't you take a look at mine? Maybe you will find something to buy. ;)